City of Asheville

City of Asheville municipality uses AWS at scale. The city won an AWS IT award in 2018 for AWS use cases ranging from disaster recovery to ML-enabled city council voice-to-text transcription service.  Our professional services defined and outlined AWS well-architected tasks (WAT) to improve CloudOps, DevOps, and DR for the city of Asheville. On completion, client cost was $234.89 per WAT.

US Air Force

Cloud One is an Air Force program that uses Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. 

The system is DoD compliant. As a systems migrator, we performed re-platforming & re-architecture enabling cloud-nativity at enterprise scale & security at national defense scale.

Testimonials from DoD stakeholders

Array Info Tech

“Outside looking in, we’re seeing a kick #$! job!”

Maxwell US Air Force

“Migrated one of our largest systems at a cost of one of our smallest. Wow!”

NTT Data Federal

“It’s a pleasure to come to work everyday to witness high performances!”

Isobar, Inc.

“The most sophisticated IaC we’ve ever seen.”