Big bank AWS Migration

Our partnership with AWS yields fintech success at scale.

Fintech highlights

customers migrated to AWS
containers orchestrated in AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service
AWS accounts managed per migration

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Mu Nirvana

Lower technology cost.
Increase quality.
Create good vibes.

“CloudOps + MLOps for regulated industries”

Based in beautiful Asheville North Carolina. 

Team and Culture

Team & culture:


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Nishan Wijesinghe

CTO & Founder
Steve Hazelwood, COO, MU Nirvana

Steve Hazelwood


Nick Dionne

VP, Sales & Marketing

Thierry Henry once said his manager made work so fun he did not want to stop working. His manager’s name was Pep Guardiola. Their work, soccer. Their company, FC Barcelona.

Our team leads are the Pep Guardiola’s of cloud automation. We focus on healthcare, federal defense, and financial technology industries. From startups to Fortune 7 companies, we’ve created winning cultures like Guardiola.

Pep Guardiola once said leaders are like golf caddies. Caddies give the right club & perspective to their athlete. The athlete has the skill to execute. At Mu Nirvana, we lead the Thierry Henry’s, Lionel Messi’s, and Michael Jordan’s of cloud computing.


Delivery focused & certified workforce

Our delivery teams are 100% certified. All cloud team members have a advanced certifications. Certifications range from Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCSO)'s to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional (SAP-C01).


Our founder & president is a certified AWS Solutions Architect professional.


Diversity in thinking comes from diversity in our workforce is our belief. Our highly inclusive workforce development program is Colorful Tech.

Here At Mu Nirvana We:

  • Practice racial, gender, and age equality
  • Encourage independent decision-making by employees
  • Share information openly, broadly, and deliberately
  • And are extraordinarily candid with each other

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Delivery & execution


CloudOps + MLOps for regulated insdustries.

Based in beautiful Asheville North Carolina.

Colorful Tech Dojos


regulated cloud computing is WHAT we do.

amassing the healthiest tech talent is HOW we do it.

Healthy mind

Skills we love and how to master them:

  1. AWS Solutions Architect Professional. Do the Associate exam as a stepping stone.
  2. Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Do CKAD as a stepping stone.
  3. Terraform Associate
  4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Healthy body

Health for optimal execution. The most effective employer sponsored health and wellness program: 

  1. Direct patient care-based health benefits for all full-time employees 
  2. Strava & other fitness app-based incentives
  3. Mentoring & teaching incentives

At Mu Nirvana

  • we practice racial, gender, and age equality,
  • encourage independent decision-making by employees,
  • share information openly, broadly, and deliberately.

Growth environment

Our current work opportunities require hybrid work. We are based in Asheville North Carolina

We are looking for Asheville-based new grads.

Our Nirvana Dojo program helps you achieve industry certifications and client placement within months. Candidates are able to garner 38% pay increase within months of the hire date.

Nirvana Dojos