regulated cloud computing is WHAT we do.

amassing the healthiest tech talent is HOW we do it.

Healthy mind

Skills we love and how to master them:

  1. AWS Solutions Architect Professional. Do the Associate exam as a stepping stone.
  2. Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Do CKAD as a stepping stone.
  3. Terraform Associate
  4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Healthy body

Health for optimal execution. The most effective employer sponsored health and wellness program: 

  1. Direct patient care-based health benefits for all full-time employees 
  2. Strava & other fitness app-based incentives
  3. Mentoring & teaching incentives

At Mu Nirvana

  • we practice racial, gender, and age equality,
  • encourage independent decision-making by employees,
  • share information openly, broadly, and deliberately.

Growth environment

Our current work opportunities require hybrid work. We are based in Asheville North Carolina

We are looking for Asheville-based new grads.

Our Nirvana Dojo program helps you achieve industry certifications and client placement within months. Candidates are able to garner 38% pay increase within months of the hire date.

Nirvana Dojos