Colorful Tech Dojos


regulated cloud computing is WHAT we do.

amassing the healthiest tech talent is HOW we do it.

Healthy talent

Healthy mind & body for rapid learning & optimal execution. 

Our employee mantra is execution, optimal wellness, minimal healthcare cost:

  1. Direct patient care-based health benefits for all full-time employees 
  2. Strava & other fitness app-based incentives
  3. Mentoring & teaching incentives

At Mu Nirvana

  • we practice racial, gender, and age equality,
  • encourage independent decision-making by employees,
  • share information openly, broadly, and deliberately.

Growth environment

Our current work opportunities require hybrid work. We are based in Asheville North Carolina

We are looking for Asheville-based new grads.

Our Nirvana Dojo program helps you achieve industry certifications and client placement within months. Candidates are able to garner 38% pay increase within months of the hire date.

Nirvana Dojos

Why Nirvana Dojos?

We believe inspiring humans to learn is great for business. Our tech Dojos are free for anyone who is accepted. 

Dojos are for 

  1. diverse thinkers
     – computer science & liberal arts majors are all welcome. 
  2. diverse age groups
    – high schoolers to retirees are welcome.
  3. diverse genders
  4. diverse ethnicities

Diverse talent. Diverse successes.

We facilitate 

  1. cloud + cyber learning
  2. tech certification
  3. client engagements opportunities
    –  internships
    – part-time 
    – full-time opportunities


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