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Team & culture

Thierry Henry once said his manager made work so fun he did not want to stop working. His manager’s name was Pep Guardiola. Their work, soccer. Their company, FC Barcelona.

Our team leads are the Pep Guardiola’s of public cloud. We focus on regulated industries. From startups to Fortune 7 companies, we’ve created winning cultures like Guardiola.

At Mu Nirvana, we lead the Michael Jordan’s and Lionel Messi’s of cloud computing.

Certified & recommended


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Nishan Wijesinghe

CTO & Founder

call sign "teacher"


Ben Campbell

Cloud Engineer

call sign "marvel"


Connor Hall

Cloud Engineer

Dante Saldino

Cloud Engineer

call sign "muse"

Client testimonials

proficient across a wide range of Azure technologies and provided invaluable technical direction

Darrell G

“Quick to comprehend the current application logic and business drivers. Key in driving both application architecture and code development.”

Cheryl Kohlmetz

“stepped into a very tense, difficult, and demanding project and immediately took ownership of problems”

Adam Z

“forward-thinking and was always considering improvements to make our systems more user-friendly and/or efficient.”

Nicole (Kriegel) Spensley

“works well with multiple team players and collaborates with all the invested parties to produce the best product possible”

Lori Patoros

has a passion for technology and can manage others in the pursuit of that passion

Darrell Gabbard

Why work for us?

Purpose. Mastery. Autonomy.