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Understand. Prioritize. Automate.

Business impact & error budget-based prioritization process.

Why work for us?

Purpose. Mastery. Autonomy.

Team and Culture

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“Quick to comprehend the current application logic and business drivers. Key in driving both application architecture and code development.”

Cheryl Kohlmetz

“forward-thinking and was always considering improvements to make our systems more user-friendly and/or efficient.”

Nicole (Kriegel) Spensley

has a passion for technology and can manage others in the pursuit of that passion

Darrell Gabbard

proficient across a wide range of Azure technologies and provided invaluable technical direction

Darrell G

“stepped up and provided sorely needed leadership for the “Medicare, Explanation of Benefits Reform” delivery team.”

Darrell G

“filled the large leadership gap on the project and also provided exceptional technical help”

Adam Z